Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Marhaban Ya Ramadhan

Dear Nawahastas,


The Great 2007 Ramadhan is Coming.

Marhaban Yaa Romadhan,,,

If WEALTH were POISON, then ZAKAT would be the CURE,
If AGE were SIN, then TAQWA and TAUBAT would be the MEDICINE,
If the whole MONTHS were DIRT, then ROMADHAN would be the WHITER

The most beautiful word are "ALLAH SWT"
The sweetest song is "Adzan"
The best Media is "Al-Quran"
The healtiest work-out is "SHOLAT"

The Perfect Diet is "PUASA"
The Fresh cleaning is "WUDHU"
The great journey is "HAJI"
The best thought is "Remember Sin and Taubat"

Happy fasting month,

"Minal Aidin Wal Faidzin"

Monday, September 3, 2007 - anybody has a blog software?

Dear NawaHastas,

We've been two weeks observed to get the free open source blog software but nothings found. Everytime we download from the link, it was just a 4kb zipped junk file got.

Has any of you posses advise to this mess?

We thank you for any possible advise


Several Update on the Site is to take effect soon

Dear NawaHasta,

An ongoing big work are currently takes part in NawaHasta's Labs to prepare the next big update on the site.

Some updates from nawahastas are to take effect soon in the short term to come.

The updates are to include:some additionon adress of our buddies 98,

Special thanks to Uci Polanunu on the Nawahsta Logo u've provided us. Just need a couple of minutes to work it on PS to make it our site's banner, Again thanks for that, you should proud of it.

Likewise pics from frega in Australia.

You will find it take effect on the site in the very short term to come.

A good news that we have just been equipped with free speedy, thus will enhance the management of the site and blog, Sory for being late recently.

Special Thanks to:

98Logo of Uci Polanunu
Pics of Frega
Arif Hadiyanto
Taufik Budi
Boro Danandito
Rama Pratama
Tri bowo
Rizal Arifien
Sandi K
Antonius totok